Artist Bio

Creation of Dreams and Visions

Hazel Griffiths is originally from the Shropshire and Herefordshire areas in the UK and now works out of her studio in South Florida. Hazel eventually went back to her roots in fine art after a few years of traveling and collecting inspiration in a sketch book she carried with her like a constant companion. As soon as she had the space for her own studio she began by giving her drawings and sketches new life by finally turning them into paintings!
Hazel has been painting for over 8 years now and has always worked in a variety of media including oil, encaustic wax and metal leaf. She creates different surfaces and textures within a painting, ranging from a smooth painted surface to the many layered effects with encaustics and the beautiful reflective quality of metal leaf which captures light like no other medium. It almost creates its own light source within the painting, turning it into something magical, enchanting its surface.
She is heavily influenced by both the textures and forms from the natural world and the mysticism and spirituality inherent within it; returning to the earth and our original place of spirit. “I create fairytales and visionary lands, elements of my own emotions and dreamscapes: my inner self ”.

Hazel has now exhibited in a variety of locations and events including gallery 212 Miami, Lemon City Studios Miami and a solo show in the Cafeina Miami in 2016. In 2014 she also took part in the hArt art week festival in Herefordshire, England.
She has have taken part in various events for Miami art week over the last three years, including live painting events, private viewings hosted by venues such as Farfalle, club Eleven, Lemon city studios and gallery 212, the first art show hosted at the Jewish museum for Basel week and a showcase for bottle designs for Viejo Indecente mezcal by local artisans.
At the beginning of 2017 she took part in Continuum, a juried Art show as part of art palm beach and two group shows at House of Art gallery, Ft Lauderdale.

She has also taken up live painting, taking part in events throughout South Florida and now incorporates live painting into her own events to give spectators some insight into her techniques and unique mixed media process involving encaustic wax, powdered pigments and acrylic on a variety of surfaces, ranging from glass and mirrors to wood panel. “When painting live, I try to keep it simple but entertaining, using techniques that bring out instant results as the wax melts together with the pigment and dries as it touches the surface, producing flowing patterns and nebulous swirls of color”.

Hazel has lived in a variety of locations around the world including Ibiza, New York city, Upstate NY and West Palm Beach where she currently lives with her cat, Oreo. Her travels have taken her to almost every state Mexico, Iceland, Colombia, Spain and other European countries. The influence of these varied and often exotic places are still evident in her work today.
She has a background in fashion design, earning a degree from the university of South Wales after completing a foundation course in art & design at Hereford college of art. She is currently studying classical oil painting at Chiaroscuro school of art, Miami and has studied live figure and plain air painting with the late Dennis Aufiery at the Armory art center, West Palm Beach.
Hazel is also currently learning the art of silver -smithing to be able to translate some of her ideas and concepts into unique wearable art.