Heaven for the Curious

by Hazel Griffiths Art


Heaven for the Curious is part of the Imaginary Landscape series, each painting is representational of inner states and memories. These thoughts, memories and states of being then translate into a visual landscape.

The original is mixed media with effects in encaustics, oils and reflective elements using metal leaf.

Mixed media painting available as the original (48"x48") or as a limited edition print in select sizes. This painting can either be hung in diamond or square format, whichever suits your space and taste, it will look great either way.

Options for fine art prints are gallery wrapped giclee (canvas) and archival quality paper (contact me if you'd like a rolled canvas rather than stretched).

The framing options are: float frame (for canvas prints) in black or standard frame in black or white. 

All products are hand-assembled printed on-demand using the latest printing technologies.

Each limited edition fine art print is of the highest standard and all orders are checked for quality by a professional before printing and again before shipping. 



Shipped to you with care.

Each piece of art is individually printed and packed with love and care as to arrive safely. Allow up to 10 days for fine quality canvas prints.

To make shipping more affordable and easier to calculate we created what we call zones, each zone have a standard price for logistics, so no matter in which country your are in, the rate will always be the same as long as you are within the specific zone.

Let’s say you are within the States, in the UK or in Australia, the shipping costs (per item) and delivery time will be the same for basic, basic plus, premium and premium plus levels as they are in the zone 1.